Wally Park disappoints – again

Ever since that fateful day 13 years ago when I found out that MasterPark offered a discount to Microsoft employees I have been hooked. Addicted to the convenient valet parking, friendly staff and speedy time to the airport I have used them again, and again, and again. It’s even to the point that some of the employees recognize me, and I’m known as the skydiver who travels a lot to California.

Wally Park disappoints
Wally Park disappoints

However, in my relentless quest to optimize my travel budget (and experience) I decided to give Wally Park a try. Wally Park has two things going for it – firstly it’s self park lots are cheaper – $10.95 vs $14.95 at Masterpark, that’s before a generous 25% discount for AAA members. Secondly, Wally Park offers a loyalty program which gives you a free day of parking for every 7 days you’ve parked. That’s perfect for the business traveller, because I’m able to accrue those free parking days while on business and spend them on pleasure.

A cheaper price for airport parking is not enough! 

My first experience with Wally Park was on my recent trip to Buenos Aires for work. I parked with Wally Park for 6 days in their garage. This is the top of the line service offered in the Seattle area, and comes with Valet, fancy mats between car doors to prevent dings and a garage to protect your car from the elements. The first snafu was when I tried to pull up to the valet. It was confusing on how to enter the garage and where to go. Set in the middle of shops and other buildings it’s not easily accessible at all. “Okay,” I thought to myself, “now that I’m in it can’t be too bad”.

I was wrong, I guess my experience with MasterPark had set my expectations unrealistically high. I had expected to pull up, hand my keys to someone, get helped with my bags into the shuttle and be whisked off to the airport. No dice. I pulled up, gave my keys to someone who begrudgingly accepted them. After I hefted my luggage to the shuttle I was asked if I wanted coffee. “No,” I said, before thinking to myself, “I don’t want coffee, I want you to take me to the airport.” Then came five minutes of sitting in a freezing shuttle before we finally left, taking what seemed like the long way round to get there.

Fool me twice, shame on me

For my next trip I decided to park in the Wally Park self-park lot. They have a great rate of $10.95 a day, and I diligently reserved my place online the night before. It’s pretty far from the airport and takes about another 10 minutes for me to get there over MasterPark, but I thought the points would be worth it. I was wrong! I get there to find a small dumpy lot with no parking spaces available and one grumpy attendant who was quite unhelpful when I told him I had a reservation.

Strike two.

I quickly left and headed for old reliable – MasterPark Lot C.

MasterPark Shines!

It didn’t take more than a second to feel at home. I was greeted warmly when I pulled up, the attendant grabbed my luggage and within a minute we were off to the airport. In the time it took Wally Park to leave the garage I was already checking in at the gate thanks to Master Park.

This Seatac parking review has it right – Wally Park disappoints, MasterPark shines!

I won’t soon be parking anywhere else again. Thanks for the great experiences over the last 13 years MasterPark – here’s to the next 13!