This is f**king bullshit!

On my flight from Atlanta to Seattle I had the good fortune to experience the nicest airplane I’ve ever flown on. It was a brand new Delta 737-900. It reminded me very much of the new interiors that Alaska is starting to roll out as well, except Delta has added three magical features to the plane. Every seat back has it’s own built in entertainment center – complete with something I have never before seen on an in-flight entertainment system – a touch screen that actually works.

Built in to the entertainment system is an easy to find and use headphone port, and a USB port for charging your iPhone, iPad or other personal electronic device! They didn’t stop there. Each row comes with two plug points for charging heftier devices like MacBooks. Magic, I mean truly magic.

When this rolls out to more planes we can stop our frantic search for a power outlet in the airport and rely on our devices being fully powered at all times. At my fiancé’s urging I bought a Mophie battery pack for my iPhone which is more than enough for a domestic flight, but 15 hours music-listening, game-playing flying will stretch even this battery combination. I’m not quite ready to carry around my own personal battery arsenal.

So I’m sitting here participating in the miracle of heavier than air flight luxuriating in the wonderful amenities and quite enjoying my economy comfort seat when it happened.

Wifi didn’t work. This is bullshit!

Louis CK - This is bullshit
Louis CK – This is bullshit