Naked for the first time in an airport!

It was bound to happen sometime. 8:20am on Friday November 22nd I found myself naked in the airport. The whole experience liberated my spirit, refreshed my mind and rejuvenated my body. I had just flown in to Atlanta from Buenos Aires and the feeling of parting with clothes you’ve worn for a day and slept in for a night was heavenly. A small wave of anticipation tingled through my body as I took of my panties and stepped into the shower.

Airport bathroom and shower
Airport bathroom and shower

On the advice of a friend I recently signed up for the American Express Platinum, and so far it has been worth every penny of the $450 annual fee. Along with a whole host of goodies it gives you and two guests airport lounge access to Delta and American lounges. The Delta Sky Lounge in Terminal E at ATL (Atlanta airport) is nothing short of spectacular.

The lounge is a vast array of varied seating – whether you’re working, or napping, grabbing a bite to eat or socializing it’s got a spot for you. Complete with a full bar and snacks it is an airport oasis for weary travelers. All the Delta lounges in ATL are fantastic, but the one in Terminal E is particular special because they have private showers you can use.

It took me a while to convince myself to take the plunge. Despite TSA’s best efforts, the idea of getting naked in an airport, however private it may be, is still a foreign one to me. The showers are located near the back of the Delta lounge, past the bar and upon entering you quickly realize this is closer to a spa than an airport.

Towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion – even a toothbrush and toothpaste – are all provided for you. Your private room has a bench, basin, toilet, and of course, a shower. Though a little spartan it is spotlessly clean and nearly perfect

I turned up the hot water, and let the last ten hours of flying wash off my body. With each passing minute I relaxed a little more and any remnants of my stress swirled down the drain along with the soapy water. I began to feel ready for the final 5 hours of my journey – which would take me from Atlanta to Seattle.

Thank you Delta and American Express for making my first naked airport experience a good one. I look forward to many more!