A good omen


I woke up yesterday morning at 4:30am in anticipation of my flight out to Boston at 10pm, and the start of an epic road trip with my fiancé from Boston to Seattle via Florida.

And I almost had a heart attack! I went to check in for my flight and I didn’t have a seat assignment. I was quite concerned. I could not miss this flight. We had been planning this for 6 months. Which was about as long as I had a ticket for – one with an exit row seat.

In a bit of a panic I called up Alaska Airlines only to discover to my delight that I had been upgraded to first class and my seat would be assigned when I got to the airport.

My entire travel experience to Boston was phenomenal. I breezed through security without even a second look at my rig. I found the perfect card for my sweetie and had a tasty cookie with some wine in the boardroom while I poured my heart out to him.

Boarding was magical as I slipped into my comfy seat in 4A turned on my music and left the world behind me. After a movie and a Bailey’s on the rocks I slept for two hours. I was woken by the descent of the plane into Boston 30 mins early.

When I arrived Linc was already waiting and my bag was circling looking for me on the carousel.

After a bit more sleep in his hotel room and a hot shower we were off to start our lives together.

As one of my friends said, “A good omen” 🙂